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War Veterans as Patients: The Importance of Mental and Sexual Health!

For all war veterans, it is important to realize that mental and sexual function can be impacted by their courageous work.  A recent study from University of California, San Francisco discusses the importance of asking war veterans about sexual health in addition to mental health. Patients tend to underreport sexual dysfunction (sex drive, erection, and ejaculation issues) which may accompany mental health disorders in war veterans of all ages. Among over 400,000 war veterans studied, post-traumatic stress disorder increased the risk of sexual dysfunction more than 3 fold. Medications used for psychiatric illness may also affect sexual function.
  For our war veterans, be aware that the trauma of war may not only have an effect on your mental state but also your sexual health.  For physicians, let’s be certain to ask our war veterans about both mental and sexual issues.Amer Flag