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Tablets, Laptops, and Mobile Devices- Oh My! Trouble for Men’s Fertility and Health   arrow

Minimizing exposure and keeping tablets, laptops, mobile phones, and Wi-Fi devices as far from the testicles as possible is very important for men looking to have children.  It’s better keep devices out of pants pockets and in a backpack or somewhere else.  Think twice about moving your device the next time you can feel the warmth on your legs from your cell phone or laptop computer.

There are potential risks to men interested in fertility described in several studies.  This article from The Daily summarizes several studies indicating that both laptops with Wi-Fi and cell phones may cause trouble for men. It has been established from studies from Cleveland Clinic that radiofrequency electromagnetic waves (RF-EMW) from these devices may cause reduced sperm movement, may kill sperm, and increase damage to sperm DNA (genetic information).  All of these may make it more difficult for men to father children.

Tablet-HazardInternational committees have set limits for this type of radiation (known as specific absorption rates (SAR) up to 2.0 W/kg as the limit of radiation exposure from a mobile phone in the US and Europe).  Even with these limits, effects on sperm have been confirmed after exposure to RF radiation.

A recent study from June 2013 again emphasizes the risks of electro-magnetic fields on fertility produced by mobile devices.  In addition , if you work in a building where a mobile jammer is used to stop cell phones from working, this may also be quite bad for male fertility.

Results obtained in this study of 30 healthy men shows that the motility of sperm samples exposed to mobile jammer RF radiation for 2 or 4 h (50 to 100 cm from the mobile jammer) were significantly lower than those of sham-exposed samples.  While all of this information is confirmed with future studies, best to minimize your distance and exposure time to mobile devices and Wi-Fi whenever possible.  It seems that all of our technology is not always helpful for having children.

Matthew Wosnitzer, M.D.
January 10, 2014