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Peyronie’s Disease, build-up of excess scarring/collagen in the penis, occurs due to poor wound healing in the penis from trauma and genetic factors.  Too much collagen (due to inflammation) is placed alongside the erectile chambers leading to penile scarring with inelastic tissue and plaque formation of the covering of the erectile chambers (called tunica albuginea, see diagram below).  Subsequent penile shortening and curvature and possible erectile dysfunction may occur which can be upsetting to men.

Possible treatments include intralesional verapamil injection or collagenase clostridium histolyticum (CCH) injection (office procedures).   CCH injection (also called Xiaflex) was recently approved by the FDA for Peyronie’s Disease treatment (first approved injection) based on clinical trials showing safety and improvement in penile curvature and patient bother.  Of note, the studies did not include patients with downward curvature (ventrally) or calcified plaques.  If injections are not successful at reducing curvature, surgical procedures such as penile plication or penile plaque incision/grafting may be considered by your urologist. With simultaneous severe erectile dysfunction (ED), a patient with both medically-unresponsive ED and Peyronie’s Disease may be a candidate for penile prosthesis insertion.

For additional information about the initial evaluation of erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s Disease treatment, please visit the Center for Male Health and Reproduction site.  You may also contact us with any additional questions and our physician team will respond.  An additional helpful site for men is the Peyronie’s Disease Advocates Association site. 

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