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Category Archives: Diabetes, Obesity, Other Illnesses

Effects of diabetes and obesity, and other illnesses on fertility and testosterone.

Statin cholesterol medication may improve erection.

A recent meta-analysis of 11 randomized trials in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in March 2014 from researchers in New Jersey noted that erectile function was improved in men taking statin medications for cholesterol.  Erectile function was measured by the IIEF questionnaire (International Index of Erectile Function), and erection was improved in men taking statin medications for cholesterol, and the […]

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Sperm changes from diet, environment–> passed to children?

A recent summary of sperm changes that can be passed to children titled “The Sins of the Father” in the March 2014 journal Nature, did a great job of explaining how being overweight, having diabetes, or being exposed to smoking, pesticides, and stressful experiences for a male may affect his sperm and its genetic code […]

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Fertility Preservation For Males Before Cancer Treatment

Adolescent males and men requiring treatment for cancer such as chemotherapy or radiation be sure to learn about their options for fertility preservation before treatment. ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) has patient handouts and guidelines for healthcare providers regarding fertility preservation (cryopreservation of sperm).  ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine) has also written guidelines for sperm […]

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TV Viewing, Exercise May Significantly Affect Sperm Count

Study from Harvard School of Public Health demonstrating that decreased activity and increased TV use (in 18 to 22 year old healthy men) were significantly associated with decreased sperm count.   

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